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Power Plant Erection and Re-Location

Power Plant Erection and Re-Location

As to be a permanent information center and solution partner, EPTIC works with together the highly experienced staff of engineers and technicians for the erection and re-location of the power plant equipped with the LFO / HFO / Gas engines, steam and gas turbines.

All staff of engineers and technicians have worked on operation and maintenance departments of the different power plants at different type of power generators and mark such as MAN, Wartsila, Deutz, CAT, Siemens, General Electric, Mitsubishi, Skoda, Alstom etc. and high skills on the related subjects such as main power generator, auxiliary equipment, fuel treatment, oil treatment, water treatment, waste treatment, polishing units, emission control, HRSG and others.

Our scope of wide range of erection and re-location services include:


  • Providing technical consulting and analysis
  • Performing the erection and/or re-location plan and management
  • Performing work schedule and site management
  • Performing coordination of transport companies and insurance agencies
  • Performing coordination of third-parties
  • Providing manpower from the local zone or international area
  • Performing the procurement plan of new equipment for erection and re-location
  • Performing turbine, engine or related turbo-machine erection
  • Performing HRSG, boiler, condensing, auxiliary units’ erection
  • Performing cabling of low voltage, medium voltage, and high voltage
  • Performing erection of electrical panels, instruments, sensors, and switches
  • Performing field tests and start-up procedures
  • Performing coordination of automation, software, and system commissioning services
  • Observing of all HSE/QA/QC activities and reporting
  • Performing all necessary engineering and technical works and plans for other all mechanical, electrical and instrument works