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Power Plant Operation


Since its inception, EPTIC always intends to improve itself as leading global provider of operation and maintenance (O&M) services for independent power producer clients.
By means of our knowledge and experienced team members, we intend to increase our O&M service quality for our clients about their uninterrupted, reliable, sustainable, available, clean and low-cost energy requirements.
O&M services include power plant maintenance, power plant operation, consultancy, performance improvement, operations readiness, cost reduction, commissioning, and project design whilst independently the size of power plant installed capacity and turbo-machine type and brand.
EPTIC Operation Services for all IPP (Independent Power Producer) equipped with marine engine, steam turbine, gas turbine, dual fuel turbine, recovery generator etc. are listed as follow

Operation Service Includes

Independent of the brand and model, performing operation with considering HSE to produce clean, sustainable and reliable power via turbo-machines such as Marine Engine, Steam Turbine, Gas Turbine, and Hydro Turbine in single or grid connected mode.
Independent of the brand and model, performing operation with considering HSE to produce clean, sustainable and reliable steam power via BOILER to internal consumption or trade based.
Executing monthly performance optimization, management, testing, and programs via advanced condition evaluation standards and problem diagnosis to increase efficiency, flexibility, reliability, and availability.
Performing turbo-machine, generator, transformer, components, and plant lifetime extension whilst carrying root cause analysis on the optimum operating parameters.
Preparing daily, weekly, monthly and yearly operation report of related power plant.
Performing HSE activities and risk management according to international standards
Minimizing costs such as manpower, fuel, lube oil and consumables whilst increasing power generation and availability.
Performing analysis and performance monitoring of network, grid, transformers, and distribution of electric power.
Performing internal training to improve local operator for long term operation service.
Performing pre-information to client for revisions, new equipment installation, checking and approving the final project for increasing power plant productivity.